Horde Webmail Client Removed

hordeA recent update to the Horde webmail client has added a "feature" which we find unacceptable.

Therefore we will no longer be offering the Horde webmail client.
If you were using Horde please use Roundcube or Squirrelmail instead.


Incorrect Usage Warning

sorry-we-stuffed-upOn July the 4th, 2016 our systems experienced a glitch & sent our incorrect usage warning to nearly every customer.

We apologise profusely for this error.

Please ignore this usage warning email - 4/7/16 sent approx 2:50 pm

No usage between 1st July 2016 & 3rd July 2016 will be counted toward your monthly quota this month

Any services that were inadvertently shaped as a result of this glitch were unshaped as soon as it was discovered.
in addition the following email was sent almost immediately after

Dear Customer,

You may have just received an email regarding your DSL usage and reaching your month data allowance, sent between 14:30 EST and now. Please disregard this usage notification. This was sent due to a system error.

If you were on a shaped plan, your service will be unshaped shortly and your internet speed returned to normal.

Network Services

If your service has not resumed full speed please switch your modem off for a few mins & then back on again. If the problem still persists please contact us as soon as possible.

Again, 1000 apologies for this error


Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

crownOur Hours on Monday the 13th June 2016

Our Sales, Admin & Accounts office will be closed for the Queen's Birthday
Support will be open as usual during this period with Sunday hours used

Please see our hours below



Great Comedy Show


Over the weekend we went to see Mandy Nolan & Ellen Briggs' great comedy show "Women Like Us".

Hilariously great fun, Lyn & I recommend that you go see them if you get the chance.



More info on their website http://www.womenlikeus.com.au/

Outage - ADSL & NBN Services Resolved

 - Resolved - Unplanned Outage - ADSL & NBN Services
Outage Report - Notification
Outage Description - ADSL & NBN Services affected
Severity - High
Outage Start - 20/05/16 12:15AM EST
Outage End -
Location(s) Affected - NSW, SA, QLD, WA, NAT
Service type(s) Affected - ADSL & NBN Services

Outage -  Telstra have advised that there is a current outage affecting ADSL, NBN Voice and NBN broadband services. Ongoing investigations resulting in customers experiencing progressive restoration, final ETR unknown.

Update 1 - Customer experience: - Loss off services and some customers modems failing to maintain connection.

Update 2 - We are beginning to see services progressively restored despite no official word from Telstra as yet. We will continue to monitor and update as more information comes to hand.

Update 3 -  Although some services may be restored, we still have no official word from Telstra on a resolution or the root cause. We will continue to monitor and update as more information comes to hand.

Update 4 -  We are yet to receive confirmation from Telstra that this has been resolved. As we are still receiving calls intermittently we are leaving the IVR active until Telstra confirm that services have been fixed.

23/05/2016 08:43 Update 5 - Telstra are yet to provide an official restoration, however they have advised that there has been progressive restoration of services. Please note we have removed the IVR of the queues.

24/05/2016 - Update 6 - we have still not received official restoration or cause of the issue, services are restored however.

NBN outage Victoria

Outage Report - Notification
Outage Description - NBN Outage in VIC
Severity - High
Outage Start - 11/06/2016 12:00 Noon
Outage End -
Location(s) Affected - VIC
Service type(s) Affected - NBN

Outage -  Telstra experienced an outage in VIC on 11th June

No ETR or updates at this point

However, connections can now be seen coming online again. Currently monitoring

ADSL Outage QLD - Resolved

2nd of May, 2016

QLD ADSLOutage Report - Notification
Outage Description - DSL Outage in QLD
Severity - High
Outage Start - 02/05/2016 11:00 EST
Outage End - 02/05/2016 12:00 EST
Location(s) Affected - QLD
Service type(s) Affected - DSL

Outage -  Telstra has advised they are currently experiencing an outage in Queensland for DSL type connections.
Services will have sync but unable to authenticate.
No ETA provided yet.
Outage coverage area not specified.

Update -

Resolution - Telstra has confirmed the outage. Telstra Notes: "Switch restarted at Woolloongabba exchange with progressive recovery of services seen from 11:56." Dropped services can now be seen online again.