NBN Changes March 2017

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Some fairly significant changes with your NBN service this month

We are switching over to an authenticated connection type, which means that you will need to make a couple of changes in your device which is connected to the NBN NTD.

Once you have made those changes you can swap your data connection over to the next UNID port.

Read on for more information about setting up for specific connection types.

We have also created some step by step guides here

If you experience any problems with your NBN service over the next few weeks, please contact Mike directly on

1800288871 - opt 2
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Contacting us by Phone

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phone-jpgAs of 10:35 today 31st Jan 2017 we have been experiencing some problems with inbound calls.

This issue was resolved at 15:15 31st Jan 2017

There is an issue in our supplier network which is causing the problem & we expect it to be resolved soon.

This issue does NOT effect your telephone service, just your ability to call us.

We apologise for the inconvenience.


Error Sending emails

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Recently some of our customers have experienced an error when sending emails

the error is
"the message was undeliverable and health direct rx that there was a server error '554 5.7.1 service unavailable; client host [] blocked using'."

This error is actually somewhat misleading. It is actually telling you that you are unable to log on to outgoing mailserver. However if you are using one of our internet connections, you may by using or as your outgoing mailserver, neither of which require authentication.

So when your email programme tries to connect with a username & password the server rejects the connection attempt. Your email programme may or may not show that authentication is being used.

Read on for the easy solution


IP Address not Valid Message

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We have had a few calls today where the Genetics not a sentence Windows 10 computer is giving this error message:

IP Address not Valid

& will not connect to the internet.

However the internet connection is up & other devices are able to connect to the internet.
That is, there is no problem with the actual internet connection itself.

This problem exists because the computer is not able to obtain an IP address from the Modem/ Router, & hence join the network, and hence have access to the internet.

Read on to see one way of fixing this problem


Phishing Email Warning - Pending Messages

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We have been advised that a large number of customers have received a phishing email

which pretends to be from us

Do Not Click on the link

The email reads as follows. If you received one it may be slightly different

From:Australis Mail Admin
Sent:Thursday, 1 December 2016 10:06 PM
To: xxxxxx
Subject:Pending Messages

Dear User,

You have 3 pending messages.

Click here to view messages.

Rivertel Pty Ltd

Email sent using Optus Webmail

Do Not Click on the link
This email is not from us.You can tell quite easily because the FROM email address is someone at

If you have clicked on the link, please let us know so that we can change your email password details as soon as possible

You can also go to the correct webmail site, login with your existing details, & then, before you select the What is prediabetes As manifested and treated email programme to use, choose Change Password.

Webmail for email addresses ending in

Webmail for email addresses ending in

Webmail for email addresses ending in

Webmail for email addresses ending in