IP Address not Valid Message

Written by Rivertel Admin. Posted in Rivertel News

We have had a few calls today where the gasteizcup com Windows 10 computer is giving this error message:

IP Address not Valid

& will not connect to the internet.

However the internet connection is up & other devices are able to connect to the internet.
That is, there is no problem with the actual internet connection itself.

This problem exists because the computer is not able to obtain an IP address from the Modem/ Router, & hence join the network, and hence have access to the internet.

Read on to see one way of fixing this problem

 Please try this, it is an old trick I used to use to fix a problem that used to happen in Win Vista many years ago, looks like the latest Win 10 update has brought it back

Click on Your Windows Button

Click on the "gear" icon for Settings

Make sure that you are in Settings HOME

click on Devices

then click on Device Manager
which is at the very bottom of the main window, under the list of all your devices

In the Device Manager list, find Network Adaptors & click the little arrow next to it

If you are having issues with an ethernet connection to modem right click on the ethernet device (called realtek family controller or similar)
If you are having issues with a WiFi Connection to the modem, right click on the WiFi device (called Broadcom 802.11 or something similar)

Then click on Uninstall (this deletes the particular network Adaptor from your computer)

In the new window that comes up, if you are given the gasteizcupcom option, make sure that Delete the Driver Software for this device is NOT ticked

Then Click OK

Wait until it finishes (takes a split second)

then restart your computer

Your computer will find the network adaptor, re-install it, & you should be back in business again

You may need to reconnect to your WiFi network

If this does not work, you should, using another internet connection, download the drivers for your network adaptor, & reinstall them