Error Sending emails

Written by Rivertel Admin. Posted in Rivertel News

Recently some of our customers have experienced an error when sending emails

the error is
"the message was undeliverable and impotence pills that there was a server error '554 5.7.1 service unavailable; client host [] blocked using'."

This error is actually somewhat misleading. It is actually telling you that you are unable to log on to outgoing mailserver. However if you are using one of our internet connections, you may by using or as your outgoing mailserver, neither of which require authentication.

So when your email programme tries to connect with a username & password the server rejects the connection attempt. Your email programme may or may not show that authentication is being used.

Read on for the easy solution


The easy fix is to the real truth about health change to use our Authenticated Outgoing email server. These are the settings;

Server: (or or or
Port: 25
Encryption: none
Authentication: Normal Password
Username: <your full email address>
Password: <your email address password>

If you are using a Microsoft email programme, typically go to Account Settings, select your email address
Then click Change or Edit
change the outgoing server name
click on More settings
click on Outgoing server
tick My Server requires authentication
& select Use the same settings as my incoming mail