July 2014 Survey Results

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Winner of one month’s free internet

Robyn Bolden

How did we choose the winner? We downloaded all survey results to a spreadsheet, then, using the random number generator at we generated a random number to reference a row number. This row number corresponded to Robyn

Survey Contributors

July Invoices

The vast majority of July Invoices which were not received were unfortunately effected by the (now resolved) problem with email addresses.


know support numberknow new support hours


Why do we have two Phone Numbers?
Our most important customers are you – the customers who are already with us. This is reflected in our telephone hours.

Support (for existing customers) on 1300 722 050 is open by far the longest.
Mon day to Friday 8am to 10pm
Saturday 9am to 6pm
Sunday 10am to 4pm

Accounts (for existing customers) on 1800 288 871 is open the next longest.
Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm
Saturday 9am to 4pm
Sunday Closed

Sales (for new customers) on 1800 288 871
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

We have a dedicated phone number for support so that we can make sure that we get your call routed through to our tech team & answered as quickly as possible


Have called support

Support Call answered promptlyApprox Wait Times

We are pleased to see that a great majority of people who did need to call support felt that their call was answered promptly, and also pleased to see that our aim of 75% of calls answered in 3 mins or less has been met. However we need to do some more work to identify why some calls took 10 mins or longer to be answered, & fix this issue.

Rate your Support Experience call resolution


We also note that the longer you had to wait to have your call answered, the worse you feel your support experience was. As with most things we do, we went to a great deal of effort in choosing our new tech team, & we are pleased to see that so many of you rate them as Outstanding.

Our goal of 75% of support calls resolved in one call is also being exceeded.

Accounts & Admin

Know Accounts phone number know acounts hours


Accounts (for existing customers) on 1800 288 871
Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm
Saturday 9am to 4pm
Sunday Closed

Sales (for new customers) on 1800 288 871
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

new payment methods

 used new pay by phone problems with pay by phone system

Half of our customers had problems with our new Pay By Phone system. This issue has been raised with the service provider & we are working with them to arrive at a solution. If the Pay By Phone system advises you that your transaction failed or was declined, please call us back so we can process your payment manually.

Used New My Account

problems with new My account


The number of people having issues with our new “My Account” is far too high. We will be looking at the system to see where the problems lie, simplifying it if possible, & publishing better user guides for the system.

Telephone Options

In response to comments about the options in our phone menus, we have launched our new phone system today 28th July, 2014.

This includes more stream-lined options selections. The telephone options are now;

1300 722 050 Support

Option 1 – NBN support

Option 2 – ADSL, Landline & Mobile Support

Option 3 – Email & Hosting Support

No option selected - ADSL, Landline & Mobile Support

1800 288 871 Sales, Accounts & Admin

Option 1 – Pay By Phone

Option 2 – NBN Sales

Option 3 – ADSL, Landline & Mobile Sales

Option 4 – Accounts & Admin

Some Feedback from our Survey

“I love Locall Australis / Rivertel. I have always had outstanding support from them, both in setting up difficult network systems, and prompt responses to my questions. I have been offered cheaper internet deals with other companies but so far I have been extremely satisfied with Rivertel and the real truth about health see no need to change. Keep up the great work!” – Thanks Tom! M&L

“Your service is exceptional. My son is with Telstra and he has had no end of trouble establishing and maintaining his service on the NBN whilst I have experienced not a single problem with my Internet connection or Phone service. Well done!” – We’re glad that our NBN service has been no fuss for you Phil. M&L

“I appreciate your trouble free service.” – and we appreciate your being a customer Beth. M&L

“Outstanding service for as long as I have been with them. Cheers Mike & team” – Thanks Brad! M&L

“I called you when I couldn't work out the web page, and Mike, as always, was fantastic with his support and instructions. The issue was resolved without any further problems.” – Good News Kathryn – thanks M&L

“I'm sceptical about winning anything free from a company. My feeling is that it is either given or it isn't - and normally isn't.” – and rightfully so, we are too. But Robyn really has had her August bill reduced to zero (250 Pack customer) M&L

“Hi Mike and Lyn. It all seems to be going well. It took me a while to learn to navigate the account website and find all the details. On my wish list: that the dollar figures would include the GST amount for each item rather than tallying it up at the end.” – Thanks & we agree completely Judith & are working towards getting the invoice layouts modified

“It is a privilege to be part of the Rivertel family. It is nice to talk to either Mike or Lyn it feels like you are personally being looked after and that is hard to find in this day and read age. Keep up the good work Regards Margaret” – shucks – Thanks Margaret M&L

“We have had some trouble with our account being billed for some calls which should have been included, but these have been resolved very promptly by emails. We still have trouble accessing info about internet usage. Fingers crossed that this will soon be resolved. Otherwise, the service has been excellent” – Thanks Warren – we expect that NBN usage reports will be available again 1st August. M&L

“Very pleased with the service; especially in setting up our connection from a previous tenant. The technical support and provision of a ready-to-go router was fantastic also.” – thanks Darryl M&L

“I am not familiar with "My Account." Was probably told ages ago, but have forgotten. No problems tho. I love the way I can ring & get an Aussie that I can understand & who will help me. Thanks, Donna” – Thanks Donna. As a result of this survey we will be sending out some more information about “MY Account”

“I have been a Happy Rivertel customer for many years-Keep up the good work-it's great to be able to talk to a Local when experiencing problems and not have to deal with an overseas call centre that is difficult to understand.” – We agree Bill – thankyou M&L

“A huge improvement guys and Mike does an outstanding job” – Thanks Jan, M&L

“Generally consistent and good support and service provided has meant staying with Rivertel over other ISP's. A couple of hiccups with reinstating broadband profiles for my line but after getting through to more knowledgeable staff, the situation was resolved fairly quickly.” - We are glad your issue was resolved Reuben M&L

“Have had my Internet with Mike and Lyn for years now and you couldn`t find two more helpful and friendly people...” – Thanks Jeff – M&L

“We recently had some connection issues with our internet and I have to say the person assisted me via telephone really did deliver outstanding service. I recommend Rivertel to everyone I know.” - Great to hear Tracey, M&L

“I haven't called for support, but have had support by email. On all occasions my query(s) have been dealt with in an extremely prompt and important site Female infertility associated with anovulation professional manner.” – that is what we are aiming for, thanks Gwyn, M&L

“There should be an "I do now" option for some of the questions, where there is a "?" option beside the question, If I say no to my name being published, does that mean I won't win??” – sadly you didn’t win (name withheld), but that’s because of the random number generator at, M&L

“Great service, never want to leave....” – shucks Melissa, thankyou, M&L

“As always Mike whenever I have rung for assistance you have over delivered and despite plenty of offers to change ISP I intend to remain with you guys. Thanks again for your support and assistance” – Thank you Phillip, M&L