Theoretical Network Maximum Speeds

Written by Rivertel Admin. Posted in Policies & Legals

Internet Speeds

All speeds mentioned on our website are "Theoretical Maximum Network Speeds"

What does that mean? And how fast will my connection actually be?

Factors which effect your speed include:

  • The Plan Speed that you select.
  • Your data usage - have you been shaped for exceeding the data allowance on your plan?
  • The links between your computer & your modem or the  NBN Co. Network Termination Device
  • The links between the NBN Co. Network Termination Device or your modem & Rivertel, including the network in your town or suburb and it's connections to us
  • The hardware that you are using to access the Rivertel service - including; your computer, any other computers, smart phones, tablets etc connected to your Local Area Network, your data transmission method (ethernet cable or WiFi), your router and any other hardware.
  • The software that you are using to access the Rivertel service - including: software on your computer, software on any other computer or device on your Local Network, software running on any other hardware in your network.
  • The configuration of said software.
  • The source or destination of any transmitted data. For example a website you are accessing may be busy or congested & hence provide a slower data transfer rate than the Theoretical Maximum Network Speed.
  • The type of content you are downloading or uploading. For example the speed of a torrent file will depend not only on your internet connection Theoretical Maximum Network Speed, but also on the connection that each of the devices sharing the file has with the world & the number of devices sharing this file.
  • Our services are all domestic grade connections & are provided as "best effort services"