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  • Am I charged in Advance?
  • What is the Billing Period?
  • How do I access My Account?

Invoice Delivery

  • How is my Invoice Sent to me?
  • What Happens if I don't get my Invoice?

Paying My Account

  • What Payment Methods do you accept?
  • I have signed up for Direct Debit from my Credit Card or Bank Account
  • What is the Due Date?
  • Do you send me a reminder?
  • Is there a Late Payment Fee?
  • What Happens if my Direct Deposit (from my Bank Account) is Declined?
  • What Happens if I pay by Cheque which Bounces?

Billing Errors

  • What happens if there is a mistake on my Invoice?
  • My Contact Details are Incorrect

Suspended Services

  • What Happens if my Services are Suspended?
  • My Services were suspended but I have now paid my account
  • Is there an Un-Suspension fee?

Termination of Services for Unpaid Account

  • What happens if I don't pay my Account?
  • My Account was Terminated, what Happens next?
  • Am I due a refund?

I want to Cancel My Services

  • How do I Cancel My Services?
  • I have Overpaid my Account, How do I get a Refund?
  • I haven't Been using My Service, Why are you charging me?

I Received an Account Reminder SMS

  • What does it mean when I get an Account Reminder SMS?