Your Invoice Explained

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This article explains how to read your monthly invoice

Your invoice is sent to your nominated email address each month. Please ensure that you keep this email address up to date.
You can also opt to have your invoice posted to you for an additional charge of $2.20 per month

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PLEASE NOTE. If you Are an NBN Customer your Invoice will not show Itemised Calls. These will be sent to you in a separate PDF file. See below for format of this document.

sample invoice-11. Our Contact Details

2. Your Address Details

3. Your Account Number
(This is also used to log into MyAccount)

4. This Invoice Number

5. The date that this Invoice was generated

6. The date that this Invoice is Due to be Paid by. If invoice is paid after this date you may be charged a Late Payment Fee

7. Your Account Opening Balance. This may be Zero, if your account was paid in full
It may be a Negative Number - This means your account is in Credit
It may be a Positive Number - this is amount unpaid from your last invoice carried forward

8. Received. The amount of any payments we have received that have been applied to this invoice

9. Total New Charge. The new charges applied on this invoice

10. Itemises your different Service Types

11. Itemises the amounts charged excluding GST

12. Itemises GST which applied to services & charges

13. The Itemised amounts charged including GST

14. The total new charges excluding GST

15. The total new charges including GST

16. The amount of total GSt on this invoice

17. Message area. We will print any important messages in this area of health care law real estate tax your invoice. Your may also see Account in Credit in green - this means you have nothing to pay this month. Or you may see Overdue in red - this means your account is overdue

18. BPay information. This includes our Biller Code (always 906731) & your BPay reference number which is unique to your account

19. The address for Secure Online Payments via Credit Card (note: Credit Card payments attract a 1.35% surcharge)

20. Our Bank Account Details for Direct Transfer via your internet banking or Direct Deposit at any branch of teh Commonwealth Bank. Please ensure that if you use this payment method you include your account number as a reference

21. Our Address for posted cheques or money orders

22. The Invoice Number

23. The Invoice date

24. The Total Amount Due

25. You can fill in the Total Amount Paid here if you are posting us your payment


Page 2
 & Subsequent Pages

sample invoice-2

26. Itemises all the various services you have with us & their associated charges

27. The billing period covered by these charges

28. The actual charges

29.Details of the individual call or usage,  split into various applicable sub groups. For example Mobile Phone services may have Social Networking, Standard Calls, Standard texts, MMS Texts, Other Internet Data etc

30.  The Length of the Call (or Usage)

31. The destination of the Call (or Usage)

32. The Charge Apllicable to this call (or Usage)















Itemised Calls appear in this format

Column 1. Date/Time the date & then the time of the call (or usage)

Column 2. Duration the lupo italiano length of the call (or usage) in HH:MM:SS (Hours: Minutes: Seconds) Format

Column 3. The Destination or the number that you Called

Column 4. The charges which applies to that particular call (or usage)



If you are an NBN Customer, your itemised call listing appears differently, like so

nbn itemised calls

1. Your Number

2. The Number you called (in International Format)

3. The country you called

4. The Date & Time the call started

5. The Date 7 Time the call ended

6. The Length of the call (in seconds)

7. The Call Type - whether it be Local, National, Mobile, 13/1300 etc

8. The Plan that you are on

9. The Rate the call is charged at

10. The charge of the call (in cents)

11. The total amount (in dollars of all calls including GST & the amount of GST that was included (in dollars)